Bocche - Mouths

Bocche - Mouths
BOCCHE è un progetto che unisce azioni, musica, poesia, ambienti sonori, corpi in movimento. E’ un viaggio su quattro episodi tematici che svaria letteralmente da Shakespeare a Dante, da Pirandello a Bukowsky.
BOCCHE è un percorso culturale sulla narrazione orale, è il luogo della comunicazione che sovente parte proprio dalla bocca.
BOCCHE avrà il suo appuntamento multiculturale in MOUTHS con materiali in Inglese, Francese ed Italiano.
Gli episodi per questo primo appuntamento sono: bocche della verità, bocche divertite, bocche diaboliche e le bocche dell’amore
Repertorio letterario: Dante, Pirandello, Prevert, Shakespeare, Marinetti, Bukowsky, Pablo Neruda, Mayakovsky                                                                                                                                 
Repertorio musicale: Musicalmente BOCCHE abbraccia molti generi, dalla musica classica a quella elettronica, con escursioni nella musica improvvisata.

The Licence -La Patente from L. Pirandello

The Licence -La Patente from L. Pirandello

La Patente è uno dei più celebri atti unici di Luigi Pirandello, premio Nobel per la letteratura di cui quest anno si celebrano I 150 anni dalla nascita.   Un giudice in crisi personale e con la sua professione, un uomo in crisi con la società che vuole che gli siano riconosciuti i suoi poteri di iettatore sono i protagonisti di questa esilarante commedia sulla superstizione e l’emarginazione. E’ naturalmente anche una commedia sulle maschere che gli uomini, con sofferenza, sono costretti a portare nonostante una voglia neppure celata di essere tutt’altra cosa e di vivere tutt’altra esistenza. In scena ci sono Iolanda Loricchio,  Maurizio Seu e Michelangelo Cicero. L’ideazione, l’aspetto visivo e la regia sono di Maurizio Mistretta.

The FIVE GOLD COINS - Pinocchio - Bangkok 2016

The FIVE GOLD COINS - Pinocchio - Bangkok 2016
We have started taking bookings for our new Chamber Theatre appointments. Chamber Theatre is a more intimate way of doing theatre. It's performed in small and sometimes unusual places, normally with minimal settings. It allows a deeper and more immediate interaction between actors and audience. We will start on 2nd February 2017, with two additional performances on 3rd and 4th. All performances will be in English and are based on the novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio", by C. Collodi, freely adapted by M. Mistretta. Price is 500 baht per person and includes entrance to the performance, a glass of Italian Prosecco sparkling wine and a selection of Italian bruschette. We can only allow a maximum of 20 people to participate every evening, so early booking is strongly advised. To secure your place send us a message to: [email protected]  [email protected]

THE LAST DAY OF THE CONDEMNED MAN by Maurizio Mistretta - Bangkok 2015 -

The day before the execution for an artist, inmates in Bangkok’s jail were a confused detective try to find the true from his last confession.
“The last day of a condemned man” is a multimedia event written and directed by Maurizio Mistretta. The event is freely adapted from “The Last Day of a Condemned Man. Le Dernier Jour d'un Condamné (In its original language) is a short novel by Victor Hugo first published in 1829. The novel recounts the thoughts of a man condemned to die. Victor Hugo wrote this novel to express his feelings that the death penalty should be abolished. A man who has been condemned to death by the guillotine in 19th-century France writes down his cogitations, feelings and fears while awaiting his execution. His writing traces his change in psyche vis-a-vis the world outside the prison cell throughout his imprisonment, and describes his life in prison, everything from what his cell looks like to the personality of the prison priest. He does not betray his name or what he has done to the reader, though he vaguely hints that he has killed someone. The present version moves continuously from the past (in video) and the present (in a prison cell) during the last day of an artist.

BKK UNDERGROUND - re-run 13-14 January 2014

BKK UNDERGROUND - re-run 13-14 January 2014

BKK UNDERGROUND - Inspired by Samuel Beckett
of Maurizio Mistretta
With Ulf Pilbad, Andres Espinoza, Jaruyot Suwannabut and Maurizio Mistretta

BKK UNDERGROUND is a contemporary theatre project with a cross-culture group of actresses and actors coming from ALL SOUL Actor Studio

“Habit is the ballast that chains the dog to his vomit………. There is no escape from the hours and days. Neither from tomorrow nor from yesterday because yesterday has deformed us, or been deformed by us… Yesterday is irremedially part of us, within us, heavy and dangerous. We are not merely more weary because of yesterday, we are other, no longer what we were before the calamity of yesterday”.    Beckett on Proust 

Mention PERVERSION and most people jump to thoughts of sexual abnormality, but today’s news bulletins regularly describe criminal actions which ‘pervert the course of justice’. In economics the term "perverse incentive" refers to a policy resulting in an effect contrary to the policymakers' intention. Perversion is all around us, but nobody mentions mankind’s biggest perversion: loneliness. Humans are social animals, so which kind of PERVERSION envelops Bangkok ’s millions of lonely, sad people?   

HAMLET! - 26-27-28 of April 2013 at 8.30 pm

HAMLET!  - 26-27-28 of April 2013 at 8.30 pm

Tragicomedy inspired by the Hamlet of W. Shakespeare

The main character of this “Hamlet!” will be adherent to the concept that Art may acquire a permanent and unpredictable domination over life, because the lesson of Shakespeare is clear: ghost and supernatural can give a right indication, but Theatre is the validation of the true.
“To be or not to be” does not exist merely for our “Hamlet!”  Let’s seek and find this question within ourselves beyond the boarder of culture and all limitations.
Hamlet! is directed by Maurizio Mistretta with, on stage, Antonio Meze, Goravee Tipsuk, Jaruyot Suwannabut, Kasaempath Vanichtanya, Kazu Ribeiro,Somchanok Tiyoa Meze, Sudkaneung Buranarachada and Tanwarat Boonyarit.
Hamlet! will be on stage at ALL SOUL Chamber Theatre the 26-27-28 of April 2013 at 8.30 pm. The second study is scheduled for the end of November 2013.

PIZZICA METROPOLIS - The SPACE Bangkok - Sunday 31 March 2013

PIZZICA METROPOLIS   - The SPACE Bangkok -   Sunda...

- The Praise of Folly Project -
by Jacopo Gianninoto & Maurizio Mistretta

Folly is inherent in the nature of human beings. Very often it’s a tool for self defense. Art carries the power of transformation and give birth a new existence or to many new existences.
Pizzica Metropolis is a dramatic representation of madness starting from the tradition of the “Tarantate” from south Italy, with music, dance and drama all integrated in the recreation of that powerful ritual, not as a simple folkloristic reproduction, but by bringing the same concepts and principles in a contemporary environment.
Three fragments were already created to investigate about folly, legends and contemporary in a mix of emotions and style.


“6 PINOCCHIO's” Traces of Italian Theatre

“6 PINOCCHIO's”    Traces of Italian Theatre


Six superior puppets (marionette) just get off from an ancient wardrobe after a long sleep of centuries. They are surprised, everything is not like before. They may learn and study the new reality around them and, maybe, find some audience to tell stories with sincerity, because our Pinocchio can lie, but only when they can’t avoid doing that

The 18-19-20 January 2013 at ALL SOUL Chamber Theatre and the 25-26 January 2013 at the Thailand Guitar Society (TGS) , ALL SOUL production Theatre and MT actor Studio are presenting the first opera of the 2013: the “6 PINOCCHIO’S” in collaboration with TADU' Contemporary Art.

The performance is even scheduled at the World Symposium on Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts, co-hosted by Bangkok University, Thailand and University of Victoria, Canada. ( 1-3 February 2013). Saturday 2 February 2013 the event will take place at Rangsit at 7 pm.

6 PINOCCHIO's is freely inspired by the Adventures of Pinocchio of Carlo Lorenzini alias Collodi and the “Six Characters in Search of an Author” of Luigi Pirandello.

No Peace without Justice


REAL STORY - by Ulf Pilblad

REAL STORY - by Ulf Pilblad

of Ulf Piblad

directed by Patchanee Poonthong 

with: Maurizio Mistretta, Patchanee Poonthong, Ulf Pilbad

ANTEPRIMA at DRAMOPHONE Festival, Bologna, Italy (Direction of Fulvio Ianneo) 28-29 June and 3-4 July 2012

ความกลัว - FEAR - PAURA Bababoboa Project Festival

ความกลัว - FEAR - PAURA  Bababoboa Project Festiva...
directed by Maurizio Mistretta

Bababoboa first edition‘s festival title is ความกลัว - FEAR - PAURA.
FEAR is a very serious issue for Thai culture, often full of Ghosts and terrific stories.
But FEAR is also a feeling always present in all foreign community living in Bangkok.
is just a normal feeling of artist of all over the world, especially in this time so materialistic:
fear to be forgotten in some cabinet as useless puppets! This feeling is developed in several different ways; privileging ironic and positive atmospheres to let the audience full smiling immerge in our Bangkokian challenges.

“ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO” - On 23-24-25 November 2012 -

“ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO” - On 23-24-25 November 201...

ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO of Maurizio Mistretta

In music ”presto” and “allegro” both indicate a speedy execution and “ma non troppo” indicates some limit: speedy execution, but not too much.

In the life ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO means perky, but not too much.

Our story is both perky and speedy, but not too much, an interactive piece with 3 movements (scenes) speedy and funny. developed from Theatre to meta-Theatre.

ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO is the first sudy of the international and interdisciplinary project "BABABOBOA"



 “Pinocchio by Episodes” is based modern translation for adults of Pinocchio’s Adventures from C. Lorenzini alias Collodi.

This project’s aim is to analyze all intriguing mysteries around this incredible story in a real contemporary way

"The Creation" is the first episode of the Pinocchio trilogy. It is an experimental approach on Pinocchio investigating the birth of this independent marionette. The dynamics and the actions of our play start off from the most controversial points within the works of Carlo Collodi which contribute so much to elevate it as original and inimitable work.


Pinocchio is a marionette without threads, an antique robot able to talk, cry and think. How can it be possible? He was discovered as a piece of wood by one male carpenter, Master Cherry and subsequently created by another male carpenter, Master Geppetto. Is this normal?

with Patchanee Poonthong, Ellie Marleen, Chris Wegoda, Robin Schroeter, Maurizio Mistretta




Caligula trilogy is inpired by "Caligula" of Camus.

This Trilogy is an experimental approach on the story of Caligula and its relevance for today’s society.

According to scriptures that survived, Caligula was one of the cruelest emperors Rome has ever seen. He almost plunged the Roman Empire into chaos and destruction. However, history is written by the winners and things are not as they seem...

is the politic fragment of Caligula’s trilogy. It is a great example of a risk of desegregation that power could face when it is too much concentrate in the hands of few people. For this Caligula, tout a court, is absolutely modern and representative of our present historic period. In our case we will refer directly to the present Italian policy situation but according to the globalization policy system, we can find many similarities in every country.   
All the shows were directed and Played by Maurizio Mistretta (Caligula) with Patchanee Poonthong, Chris Wegoda and Robin Schroeter 

 "KAMOEY!"  (Thieves, Ladri)

 “SOM NAM NA!” (You Deserve It!)  
 “BA PAI LAEW (Gone Mad!)                                                                                                                                                                         


The Experimental Cabaret of ALL Soul is the funny point of view of Bangkok by a multicultural group of comedians showing all the more common stereotypes of this metropolis through the eyes of several characters: a Roman Centurion working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant, a “ting tong” Thai lady presenting each part of the show, a nervous Anglo-Saxon business man that got his factory inundated as well the beckettianian characters often interacting with the audiance.

MANCO LI CANI (NOT EVEN THE DOGS) and PERVERSION were the first experiment to  

The event is signed by Maurizio Mistretta and played by Patchanee Poonthong, Maurizio Mistretta