MAURIZIO MISTRETTA - Writer, Direction, Actor

MAURIZIO MISTRETTA - Writer, Direction, Actor

Maurizio Mistretta, born in Florence on 16-02-1965, has been writing, directing and acting movies, documentaries, theatre and multimedia plays for the last 20 years. His unique and experimental approach has always been connected to a research of languages using multimedia elements.

His large activity starts in Bologna at the Conservatoire of Theatre and develops with several important masters in Italy, long term activity inside of Pisa's prison as Art Director of a company of inmates-actors (1993-2001) and the projects inside of public and private schools in Italy and Thailand (1990-2008)
After the 2008 his activity moves permanently in Thailand with a constant co-peration with the Nastro Adesivo43 in Pisa, Italy (2008-2012)


2017 GAUDIUM                                                                         (Feature - writing)
2017 BOXER REBELLION                                                       (Documentary - Post production)
2017 EGO                                                                                     (Feature-writing)
2017 SOI TANANKAN                                                            (Feature - writing)
2016 THE RED IRON DOOR                                                   (Feature – distribution)

2015 FATIMA’S SECRET                                                          (Feature - distribution)

2014 FUFU, 99 minutes of life                                                (Feature - distribution)

2006 BLACK JALEAUSY                                                          (5 short movies about Othello of Shakespeare)

2004 PINOCCHIO IN SIAM                                                    (documentary LA7)

2001 THE PISA’S TOWERS                                                      (documentary RAI3)


1996 DEMONS                                                                             - from Dostoevsky

1999 THE IMPROPER MASS                                                   - from Aristophanes
2001 THE EATEN CHILDREN                                                 - from Dante Alighieri
2002 BLACK JEALOUSY                                                           - from Shakespeare
2003 GOD EXISTS!                                                                      - from Beckett
2006 EXTHUSIASM!                                                                   - from Camus
2008 PINOCCHIO TRILOGY                                                   - from Lorenzini
2009 LYSISTRATA                                                                      - from Aristophanes                      
2009 METAMORPHOSIS                                                          - from Kafka
2010-2011 CALIGULA TRILOGY                                          - from Camus
2011 ALL SOUL CABARET                                                      - Original 
2012 PERVERSION                                                                     - Original
2012 REAL STORY                                                                      - from Pilblad
2013 THE 6 PINOCCHIOS                                                        - from Lorenzini
2014 HAMLET!                                                                             - from Shakespeare
2014 BKK UNDERGROUND                                                     -Original
2015 THE LAST DAY OF THE CONDEMNED MAN         -from V. Hugo
2016 FIVE GOLD COINS                                                            -from Lorenzini
2017 FIRST FAILURE                                                                   - Original

To contact Maurizio Mistretta please write at [email protected]

ULF JEAN LOUP PILBLAD - Executive Producer, Actor

ULF JEAN LOUP PILBLAD - Executive Producer, Actor

Ulf (Jean Loup) Pilblad, born in Stockholm, Sweden, is a film producer, actor and script writer. In his childhood, he began early in theatre schools in Stockholm where he studied 8 years with different teachers. He also worked as an assistant to the operetta-singer and dancer, Hasse Funck, who had started an activity called Minifunckarna in 1965, where he educated children in acting!
In Bangkok since 1996, he has started his own company, a Destination Management Company, PCE Travel Consultants, and worked as Production and Location Manager for several Scandinavian TV productions. He has also participated in several acting workshops with Maurizio Mistretta, Fulvio Ianneo and John Marengo and participated in several performances with ALL SOUL Production Company in Thailand and Italy! One of the plays - True Story - is based on his personal experiences during the Tsunami 2004 which was played for the first time in the Art and Culture Festival "Dramophone" in Bologna (Italy) in June / July 2012.
Ulf has participated in the film The Impossible (2012) directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. In February 2013 he has participated in Bababoboa project Festival "Paura-fear-klua" at the TADU Art and Exhibition Center in Bangkok! In 2013 Ulf produced the film "Fufu - 99 Minutes of Life" in Thailand. He also played one of the main characters in the film: Roland. In 2014 he produced the film "Fatima's Secret" in Thailand. He also played one of the main characters in the film: Gogo.

Ulf is also owner, together Maurizio Mistretta and Patchanee Poonthong, and producer of the All Soul Production Co., Ltd. (Thailand), All Soul Production (France). 

To contact Ulf Pilblad please write at [email protected]

PATCHANEE POONTHONG - Executive Producer, Actor

PATCHANEE POONTHONG - Executive Producer, Actor

Patchanee Poonthong was born in Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand). She started to play music and theater in primary school and has always dreamt of theater and film.
When she was 17 years old Patchanee moved to Bangkok and started to work and studied Business and Administration at the same time at Bangkok University.  After her university degree she started to work with several companies as an artist and as a consultant in interior designer. In 2010 she set up ALL SOUL Production and since that time she is the Managing Director and Executive Producer.

Actress, designer and director she has many skills linked to different Arts and Medias.
In ALL SOUL Production Patchanee has set up several theater production with Maurizio Mistretta and Ulf Jean Loup Pilblad, such as: Caligula, Pinocchio, Adagio ma non troppo,Bababoboa,  Paura, True Story, Hamlet etc.
Parchanee is the Executive  producer and one of the leading actresses in Maurizio Mistretta’s two films "Fufu - 99 Minutes of Life"  and “Fatima’s Secret” in Thailand.

NICOLAS FILIPPI - Head of Commercial Department

NICOLAS FILIPPI - Head of Commercial Department

Nicolas Filippi, born in France, studied Law at Paris II University. After his Master's Degree in Private Law, he begun a Master's Degree in Marketing at Marne La Vallée Business School (France) and at the same time started to work as Sales & Acquisition Assistant and Materials & Traffic Manager at Arathos Network a Paris based company distributing worldwide features, TV programs, series for TV channels and editing a satellite package in Poland. During his stay at Arathos, he started to sell TV rights mainly to TV channels in Eastern Europe and strengthened Arathos contacts with French producers.
Then he became for a few months Junior Advertising Manager & Press Attaché for a Paris based Advertisement Consultancy Company covering all angles of the Advertisement field from advertising to media relations, direct marketing or event management. 
In 2OO1 he joined Studiocanal as Head of Servicing and Acquisitions. He stayed there for 14 years developing and strengthening relationships between local or international producers and distributors, managing the acqusitions and theatrical releases of a main part of Studiocanal's line up in many countries . Handling most specially relationships with Studiocanal's Asian clients, he decided to move to Bangkok earlier in 2015 to work by himself with local producers, distributors and technical service providers.
He is now working with All Soul Productions a Bangkok based company as Head of the Commercial Department and is involved in the development of All Soul projects.

To contact Nicolas Filippi please wirite at [email protected]