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MISTRETTATHEATRE is the website informing about Maurizio Mistretta's multimedia activities.

Maurizio Mistretta has been writing, directing and acting theatre performances, movies, Tv series, documentaries and festivals for the last 20 years. 

At present Maurizio has running the Bangkok International Artists Guild Co., Ltd. (BIAG)
BIAG includes the experiance of several artirsts resident in Bangkok and he's producting hi-end collaboration like the DUO Mistretta-Firrincieli URP, with maestro Alberto Firrincieli

This year will be produced three theatre plays: The Dumb Waiter from H. Pinter, Pinocchio, the Original
scheduled inside of the Italian Festival organized by the Italian Embassy and A Message from the Imperor inspired to several F. Kafka scripts in collaboration with the Czech Embassy.

To contact Maurizio Mistretta please write to [email protected]



The Duo Mistretta-Firrincieli is producing hight end music theatre performances in collaboration with the Italian Embassy of Thailand and the Dante Alighieri Society

The Dumb Waiter inspired by Harold Pinter

The Dumb Waiter inspired by Harold Pinter
The Dumb Waiter
(Freely adapted from Harold Pinter’s play of the same name).
Will be staged at the Kbank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre (BTS Siam), Bangkok, from 19 to 23 June, at 8pm.

Stage adaptation and direction are by Maurizio Mistretta.

On Stage: Willy Zogo; Ross Cain; Suphatida Srisopon; Thanyaluck Nokyung; Maurizio Seu.

Book your tickets on www.ticketmelon.com
Ticket prices: General admission THB 700 / Students THB 500

GAUDIUM the Tv series

GAUDIUM the Tv series

The story called Gaudium has already been pubblished in an Italian language book. The full macro story can be easily adapted both for feautures and TV series project. At the present is ready to be filmed a pilot of 52 Minutes.
A 10 minutes teaser is already available.

If you want to get more info please go to: www.gaudiumofficial.com 
or watch our BTS (Behind the Scene) at: https://vimeo.com/272213796

The teaser is available here: https://vimeo.com/235901355 

Othello's Room by Maurizio Mistretta - Duo Mistretta-Firrincieli

Othello's Room by Maurizio Mistretta - Duo Mistret...
Free adaptation based on Othello (the work of) by Giovan Battista Giraldi Cinzio and by William Shakespeare with a various music repertoire

Othello’s room is directed by Maurizio Mistretta with Alberto Firrincieli on stage playing Harpsichord and piano and a vast video contribute by Valerio Morini.

Preface and Synopsis
There’s no doubt that much of Shakespeare’s work revolves around Italy. Italy offers a great source of inspiration and ideal settings for his masterpieces. Othello is one of them.                             
Shakespeare takes nearly the entire plot developed by Giovan Battista Giraldi Cinzio, a disciple of Boccaccio, set in the powerful Venice of his time, and converts it into one of the most important theatrical pieces of all times, given its varied and enduring themes of racism, love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge and repentance. The story revolves around its two central characters: Othello a Moorish general in the Venetian army and his unfaithful ensign, Iago. 

You can watch the teaser at: https://vimeo.com/310495359 

THEATRE - The man with the flower in his mouth - Duo Mistretta-Firrincieli

THEATRE - The man with the flower in his mouth - D...
On the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), this project wishes to be a tribute from two expatriates in the Far East to the Sicilian writer. The Man with the Flower in his Mouth (in Italian: L'Uomo dal Fiore in Bocca) is a 1922 play written by the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello. A dialogue between a man aware of his incurable decease, and another one who lives without questioning death; a metaphor of the circle of life and death, personified through the deep and somehow mysterious connection between word and music. A man tries to savour all lasting moments of his life while the other character - replaced by a pianist with a minor trouble in the execution of his music –supports him, often inadvertently.
The original Pirandello play has been integrated with poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jacques Prevert, while music repertoire includes classic authors such as Liszt, Chopin, Bach and original music by Alberto Firrincieli. The performance has been ideated and directed by Maurizio Mistretta, live music by Alberto Firrincieli.

For the trailer please watch it at: https://vimeo.com/235905344


Here we are! This is the first taste of the program of the Italian Film Festival Bangkok! the great cinematographic event that will involve the most interesting films of the current Italian cinema scene. join us on 9-16 september!

CINEMA: fiction

CINEMA: fiction

The Iron Red Door is that passage were the bodies of executed prisoners get out from the infamous Thai prison “Bang Kwang”. Every time that door opens a new human being has been killed. It is not important if he was innocent or guilty. It is doesn’t matter if it is a poor western immigrant doing art in an Asian metropolis. They want just to be sure to kill someone.
For the trailer please watch it at: https://vimeo.com/235897578

Theatre - THE LICENSE by L. Pirandello

Theatre - THE LICENSE  by L. Pirandello

The Licence (La Patente) by Luigi Pirandello 
Directed by Maurizio Mistretta
With: Iolanda Loricchio, Ilaria Trentin, Maurizio Seu, Michelangelo Cicero, Eugenio Sorianini.

We are going to perform one of the most well known one act plays by Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934): The Licence, (La Patente). Please note that the performance will be in English. This is a comedy on marginalized people and superstition. The main characters are a judge, who is going through personal and professional crisis and a man, a jinx, who is having some trouble with society and wants his unusual powers officially recognized. It is also a comedy on the masks that people have to wear during their existence and the suffering that derives from not being free to be what they want to be.

Theatre: The 6 Pinocchios - I sei Pinocchi by Maurizio Mistretta

Theatre: The 6 Pinocchios - I sei Pinocchi by Maur...
Synopsis of the play SIX PINOCCHIOs

Six superior puppets (marionettes) get off from an ancient wardrobe after a centuries long sleep. They are surprised; nothing is asit was before. They may learn and study the new reality around them. With a terrific surprise, they discover an audience in front of them. And this audience is waiting for their show. At the beginning, they do not know what they can tell to the audience. They feel confused. Then, step by step, they start to remember something very important and they start to tell the audience.

Theatre: A Woman's Memories - Ricordi di Donna

Theatre: A Woman's Memories - Ricordi di Donna

Woman’s Souvenirs is a woman’s journey in time from her childhood to her present days.
It is at the same time a real and imaginary journey inspired and based on real life experience.
Poetry and storytelling are combined with songs from musicals and films creating a real life sound track.
On stage: Ilaria Trentin
Singer: Manuela Guatelli
Guitar: Carlo Zundo
Created and directed by Maurizio Mistretta

CINEMA: documentary

CINEMA: documentary

BOXER REBELLION is the first episode of a documentary about the Amateur Boxing circuit in Bangkok Metropolis
Synopsis: A group of people, coming from all over the world, meet almost every night at the eighth floor of a gym inside a shopping center. They change their attire, that of manager, English teacher, entrepreneur, etc
Then they delight themselves with the “noble art" of boxing. These Fighters do not fight because they hate the world. They don’t even hate their opponent whom they usually refer to as “Bro" or “Sis ". 
Some part of the documentary it at: https://vimeo.com/184819682