GAUDIUM - The Prophecy of Coca - a film by Sandro Calvani and Maurizio Mistretta

GAUDIUM - The Prophecy of Coca - a film by Sandro ...

Coca is a natural resource indigenous to Andean countries; its cultivation and consumption date back over five thousand years. Coca was used in religious rites and for predicting the future



A day in a contemporary time, Francesco Bartoli, aka Frank, an internationally known pharmacologist, gets in to dangerous Kafkaesque story. Two people, just landed in his present destination, Bangkok metropolis, show up at his door, and ask him to follow them. It sounds to him like being arrested or kidnapped by the two people. However, that it is not the case. Those men just ask to follow him, because they want to talk with him. They go to a luxurious “happy-end” massage for kinky Japanese executives; during the massage, they start to ask him about his job, his researches. In fact, Frank is a very promising scientist. His researches are about a special enzyme that could eliminate cocaine addiction and, maybe reduce it to those affected. His research is about the coca leaf, the natural resource indigenous to Andean countries where its cultivation and consumption date back over five thousand years. Frank is an activist for the poor Andean populations and he has some strong belief and one idea: coca leaf may be not dangerous at all. On the contrary, it could solve one of the unresolved major problems of humankind. However, Frank knows very well that his research is severely disrupting the most lucrative business on earth. That business is one hundred time more lucrative than global arms dealing. Therefore, the two visitors were not truly unexpected. Nevertheless, the nice feeling of that holistic meeting is destroyed by a  Japanese’s mafia attack. All are killed except Frank who is delivered to other unkind hands. An amazing adventure starts, which touches three continents…