FU FU, 99 Minutes of Life - International Feature Movie

The movie FU FU 99 MINUTES OF LIFE is in distribution.

FU FU, 99 Minutes of Life is an independent international movie using several verbal languages (mainly English and Thai). His poetic proposal is to speak about Bangkok and Thailand in a different way more deep and internationally avoiding stereotype as usual we find in the rare foreign production shouted in Thailand.

After 5 months of intense post production and with a glad surprise it looks really entertaining despite is character of Art movie united to an evocative and abstract vision of the reality.
Obviously FUFU remains faithful in claiming the importance of art and culture for a future of peace and tolerance among peoples.

This is a tragic-comedy based on the true story of an international theater troupe trying to survive in the city of Bangkok, a city dedicated to business and thirsty of money. During a theater play, a wealthy Thai girl in search for herself, discovers the beauty of theater and decides to leave her bright future as a business manager in order to become an actor. With a new home, a new life, and a new family she finds a world of adventures. Unfortunately, the life of the company is not easy and, despite her efforts to do well, she brings in elements of tension to the theater troupe. After many adventures that even have the "capocomico" to be jailed, the Thai girl disappears dramatically during a performance, leaving everybody appalled.

The movie
At this link you can find the temporary trailer done after few days of shooting: https://vimeo.com/77484400
The vision of the present and future trailers will be always available.

At this link the whole movie in HD: https://vimeo.com/89097062
To get access to the movie you may request the password specifying the day when you will watch it. In fact it is possible that the password will change often.



FATIMA'S SECRET is in pre-production

FATIMA'S SECRET is in pre-production

FATIMA'S SECRET is the new movie project of ALL SOUL Production
If you are interested to be partner, producer, actor or any

Please contact us at khunmau@gmail.com

International Theatre Productions - short production and lectures

International Theatre Productions - short producti...
International Theatre Festival is an exclusive unique short theatre happenings (40-60 minutes)
A reasonable mix of classic and experimental Theatre, lectures, entertaining, interactive and intelligent
From: Collodi, Shakespeare, Camus, Dante Alighieri, and original scripts.

LIST of THEATRE Productions 2014
Directed by Maurizio Mistretta, produced by Ulf Pilblad

>>>>>>>  23 April at 7 pm >>>>> Lecture of the I and III CANTO of the Inferno from Dante Alighieri
At vino di Zanotti Restaurant (Ex Italian Embassy)
an event of the Dante Alighieri Association
     Coming soon
MY NAME IS GIO’ project   contemporary theatre in classic taste

     - Krapp, Just Krapp

     - Didi and Gogo

     -The Enchained  Pinocchio

ANTIGONE AND LISISTRATA  ladies for tragedy, ladies for comedy




  ALL SOUL Actor Studio is the unique entity in Bangkok giving European Standard Training in Contemporary   Theatre, involving student in our professional production both in Thailand and in Italy 
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  One o twice a month an intensive week end will set a progressive workshop able to combine professionality      and work's stress deliver (corporate)

  LIST of Workshops
  Teacher: Maurizio Mistretta


   workshop                                                                                 methodologies / typologies  
   26-27 April           I’M LOOKING FOR.....                   Grotowski methodology and Original improvvisations
   31 May-1 June     I AND MY CHARACTER”               Stanislasky, Delacroze and Original variazioni

   28-29 June             MY FULL EXPLOSION                     Del Sarte and Original

coming soon

   Stress Adieu                                                                           Depends to the group -  Corporate
   The Neutral Mask                                                                                         Lecoq
   The Larval, Expressive Mask and                                   Lecoq, commedia dell'arte, - Original
   Introduction to Commedia dell’Arte
   The Charlatan                                                                                       Lecoq - Original
   The adorable seller                                                               Depends to the group -  Corporate
   The absurd and the cruel Theatre                                    Artaud-Camus-Pasolini                                  
   Classic Improvisations                                                        Stanislasky, Grotowski
    Free Improvisations                                                                           Original
    Epic and Intimate Theatre                                                  Brecht -  Strindberg                               
    I’m timid                                                                                   Depends to the group -  Corporate
    Deprivation Dance and                                                                     Original
        the Movement SOLO
     Fragment Improvisation:                                                              Original
            find YOUR unique theatre
     Creativity and Ideas                                                            Depends to the group -  Corporate