Our Mission

All Soul Production is a film production company, located and registered in Thailand, producing feature films,  TV-series, documentaries as well Theater productions and performing art workshops for CINEMA and THEATRE

Furthermore we offer production services in Bangkok and in all of Thailand even for foreign movie productions, 
commercial purposes as TVC or short viral video.

This is possible because of the international and strong artistic background of its team able to set up efficient and demanding teams to finalize any kind of project 


FATIMA'S SECRET is distributed by HOUSE OF FILM 42...

FATIMA'S SECRET is distributed by HOUSE OF FILM 427 N. Canon Dr. Suite 201 Beverly Hills Ca (US) http://www.houseoffilm.com/

http://www.houseoffilm.com/https://vimeo.com/118883790     TRAILER
https://vimeo.com/117371160   THE MOVIE

CINEMA: our production

CINEMA: our production

As production of high quality features is our passion, we develop our own projects handling their production entirely. FATIMA'S SECRET has been completed in 2015 and we are now developing three new productions: FU-FOO, THE MAN WHO SELLS NOTHING and EGO.


THEATER - Production and Workshop

THEATER - Production and Workshop
Productions and workshops
We are planning for several workshops and productions in a very sofisticated venue in Bangkok as well we are available to implement every kind of project that have  quality the main objective. 




ALL SOUL Production is involved in several other projects providing expertises and services in pre-production, production and post-production for movies, documentaries and TVC coming in Thailand.

From budgeting and scheduling to permits and permissions and through final accounting, ALL SOUL Production can facilitate every aspect of your production in Thailand.